Korban Free Papua Movement – Free West Papua Campaign

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AKP. Dominggus O. Awes (Kapolsek Mulia Polres Jaya Wijaya) korban penembakan di Mulia, Kab. Puncak Jaya

Foto Korban Kekejaman, Penyiksaan dan Pembunuhan oleh Terrorist Separatist Free West Papua

Mendesak Pemerintah Indonesia untuk memasukan Kelompok Pemberontak Papua seperti Free West Papua, Organisasi Papua Merdeka dan berbagai organisasi kemerdekaan Papua lainnya ke dalam daftar Terrorist Separatist di PBB.

Foto-foto berikut ini adalah korban kekejaman, penyiksaan dan pembunuhan oleh Free West Papua.

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‘Evil’ Murderer Walked Freely in Oxfordshire

A father has been granted asylum after comitting murders and a violent attack dating back decade.

Benny Wenda, from Central Highland West Papua, Indonesia, murdered a policeman and a guard in 2000. He is currently wanted by Interpol for his pre-trial escape for murder, crimes against life and health and crimes involving the use of weapons/explosives.

He is now living in Marston, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Please be careful with his innocent claim, he is a very dangerous person. He is an individual who could live within the family home a relatively nomal life, and then the next moment display the most disproportionate amount of violence and and be prepared to kill.

European Police Force are now in a high alert of the danger of Benny Wenda.

Evil Propaganda

A young inexperienced film maker, Dominic Brown entered the social sphere of evil propaganda, controlling what people would see in West Papua. A propaganda film was made “forgotten bird of paradise” in 2009 with the expressed aim of “spreading lies about West Papua and trying to create conflict in the peaceful land of Papua”.

His visit and his film shows that Papua IS NOT CLOSED TO FOREIGNERS, he and hundreds of foreign journalists have visited the place. Indonesian people in West Papua from hundreds different ethnic groups are very wise because the evil propaganda style by Dominic Brown has no impact whatsoever in instigating conflict among the tribes.

Dominic tries to demonize Indonesia, especially the military to attract worldwide attention. However, his cheap propaganda was so shallow, immoral and full of lies. So, it is normal if people will see his work as insignificant propaganda.

Source: Papua Story

The Great Pretender Wenda

Benny Wenda, a notorious criminal (murder case 9 years ago in West Papua) who is also a self proclaimed separatist leader in Papua, is continuing his evil propaganda. He’s a Cunning Sociopath.

Psychiatrists tell us that all serial killers lack the emotions that make us human; that they have to learn to emulate those emotions in order to get by in society. Hence, a charming, well educated fellow like Benny Wenda who is known to have murdered 2 people and may have killed ? before he was caught and then escaped to UK.

In a speech last December 2010 in Dakar, trying to strengthen his evil separatist propaganda against local government in West Papua, he launched a distress call to Africans and the world to liberate his people, now colonized by Indonesia. According to Wenda, his country is suffering a real genocide before the silence of the international community.

The big questions are:

Who are his people? Benny Wenda is not even a leader of one ethnic group in West Papua. There are more than 200 ethnic groups in West Papua.

His country colonized by Indonesia? Historically West Papua is part of Nusantara (Indonesia) even before the Dutch Colonialism. The Netherlands claimed sovereignty over New Guinea (West Papua) within the Netherlands Indies through its protection over Tidore, a sultanate on a Moluccan island west of Halmahera. In a 1660 treaty the Dutch East India Company (VOC) recognised Tidore’s supremacy over the Papuans, the inhabitants of New Guinea. Read wikipedia.

Real genocide in West Papua? The alleged “genocide” in West Papua never happened since the population of native Papuans doubled under Indonesian rule (800,000 in 1971 to 1.8 million in 2010). Read the latest statistic .

So…Benny Wenda is simply a criminal and a liar.

Wenda must be stopped now, before he sets West Papua aflame. And set it aflame is what he intends to do, even if most people who live in West Papua are not interested in Wenda’s evil propaganda.

Source : Papua Story

The Notorious Benny Wenda and Indonesian Military are the same

In one side, the wolf  in sheep’s clothing Benny Wenda is a 35-years-old cunning man and lives in Oxford, UK.  It was 10 years ago that he masterminded and led the attack on the Abepura Police station and burned two shops in the small township on December 7th 2000. Benny Wenda led 50 Papuan people and attacked a police station and torched two shops. A policeman was killed in the attack and a security guard was found dead near the shopping compound. Running away from the violence assault and murder cases, Benny Wenda a self proclaim West Papuan tribal leader successfully escaped from prison in Papua and has devoted his life now in the UK to hide his crime and start a “clean” and “peaceful” campaign for his personal benefit in the UK as asylum seeker. Indonesia is now democracy and Benny Wenda is afraid because the families of the victims will never stop to cry for justice.

On the other side, the unprofessional behaviour of some Indonesian military personnel are clearly recorded which has caused serious human rights violation. Recently, responding to the torture video case in West Papua,  Senior Security Minister Djoko Suyanto said that a proper action would be taken against any troops involved in torture in accordance with military regulations. According to the New York-based Human Rights Watch, a metadata analysis indicated the footage was filmed on a mobile phone camera on May 30 2010.

Indonesia took over Papua from the Dutch in 1963 and formalised its sovereignty six years later through an act of free choice, vote by about 1,000 community leaders.

Info Penting untuk Pejuang Papua Merdeka !

Redaksi Media Papua menerima surat penting berikut ini, mohon disebarluaskan di seluruh jaringan masing-masing.

Yth. Redaksi Media Papua,

Hari Sabtu tanggal 2 Oktober 2010, kami menerima informasi dari komunitas Maluku Merdeka di Belanda bahwa mereka akan melakukan aksi besar-besaran menolak kehadiran Presiden SBY di Belanda. Lebih dari pada itu, bahkan secara serius melobby pemerintah Belanda agar Presiden SBY ditangkap. Berdasarkan surat pernyataan Presiden RMS, Mr. John Wattilete, Presiden Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono harus ditangkap dengan tuduhan pelanggaran HAM berat terhadap rakyat Maluku. Pernyataan tersebut bukan hanya disebarluaskan secara online melainkan juga melalui media Teleivis lokal di Belanda, NOS. Pernyataan lain dari Mr. John Wattilete adalah seruan kepada Pemerintah Belanda untuk mendesak Presiden SBY agar menghentikan penyiksaan terhadap pejuang Maluku Merdeka, serta membebaskannya dari penjara.

Ratusan atau bahkan ribuan pendukung Republik Maluku Selatan Merdeka akan melakukan demonstrasi besar-besaran menyambut tokoh penjajah Indonesia, Presiden SBY, bahkan rencananya akan dilengkapi dengan aksi yang dipastikan akan mendapatkan liputan besar dari media massa. Rencana tersebut juga akan didukung oleh masyarakat Belanda yang risau dengan pelanggaran HAM di Maluku.

Ada untung dan ada ruginya apabila Pejuang Papua Merdeka bergabung dengan pejuang RMS untuk demonstrasi mengutuk Presiden SBY, untungnya adalah demonstrasi tersebut akan sangat besar dan mendapat liputan luas. Ruginya adalah apabila demonstrasi tidak terkendali menjadi aksi kekerasan, maka dampaknya juga akan mengenai nama baik para pejuang Papua yang terkenal damai dan santun di luar negeri.

Rencana Tuan Benny Wenda untuk memimpin pejuang Papua berdemonstrasi di Belanda dapat memperbesar semangat kemerdekaan Papua bersama RMS, tetapi juga dapat memperkecil pengaruh strategis perjuangan Papua merdeka di luar negeri yang akan disamakan dengan RMS yang selalu menggunakan elemen kekerasan di Maluku. Oleh karena itu, kepada seluruh pejuang Papua Merdeka mari kita hitung untung rugi melakukan demonstrasi yang dapat bersamaan dengan RMS di Belanda. Apabila aksi demonstrasi menjadi kacau, tentunya perjuangan Papua merdeka juga akan kacau, dan akibatnya bahkan berupa penangkapan. Sekali bermasalah di salah satu negara Eropa akan menutup perluasan kampanye damai Papua untuk merdeka.

Kiranya Tuhan akan memberkati Redaksi Media Papua yang bersedia menyebarluaskan informasi penting ini kepada seluruh pejuang Papua Merdeka.


Kinderen van West Papoea