International Parliamentarian for West Papua

Basic Information on International Parliamentarians for West Papua from Free West Papua :

In July 2008, I received a provocative plan of the launching of ‘International Parliamentarians for West Papua’ at the Houses of Parliament in London on the 15th of October 2008. Over the past three months, the issues were spreading among us and have been creating severe differences among Papuan local government, Papuan legislative members, Papuan traditional leaders, and Papuan people representatives. Some of us made a report to the central government of Indonesia to tell the serious high potential conflict, some keep silent, some gave support, and some try to be very careful in responding the provocative act by the United Kingdom Parliament/Government. Most of us really don’t care and don’t understand what is going on in London. Do London support our ordinary dream of having a peaceful and better life? Do London support the independence movement of West Papua ? Do London realise what will happen to us after the provocative act in the House of Parliament? Do London understand that such provocative action will not affecting the comfortable daily life in London but will increase the tension in Papua and West Papua provinces?

For complete article read International Parliamentarians for West Papua


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