Pers Release

No. 05/pr/knpb/iv/ 2009

I on be half of West Papua National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat) report you that the all reaction doing by West Papua people in every regent now are a part of long conflict between Indonesia and West Papua people which is never finished with Indonesian’s political will. Long time West Papua people fight for their self determination, and long time also Indonesia take over the territory of West Papua and made the territory as protectoral, then Indonesia occupation to result victim in West Papua people side. Many people has died, their human recourse taken away by Indonesia, no justice and many human right activists in jail.

We are not animal, we are human who has emotion on Indonesia over oppression and exploitation in West Papua. Many West Papua people under Indonesia military forces. We can’t do anything on our own land. As a human we have tried to search peaceful way, but Indonesia fight back us with gun and their law to stop us.

I’m as a chairman of West Papua National Committee state that the conflict which are happen in West Papua are spontaneity done by every people of West Papua who has been victims under Indonesian’s practice of colonize. That why I call for all West Papua to stop activities in the office, company, campus, atc. I urge the government of Indonesia to stop take place and drop many military in West Papua, immediately take a political will to end long political conflict in West Papua, and we urge every government in world which is concern in humankind, human right workers, solidarities to support the West Papua struggle for sake of the yoke West Papua.

I state that 90% of West Papua people didn’t allow Indonesia public election legislative 2009. It was the prove that West Papua people didn’t want to stay together with Indonesia, and they realize that they were not part of Indonesia, but they were West Papua people. They were West Papua nationality.

West Papua people have known that their right of democracy have stolen by Indonesia thought PEPERA (the act of no choice) 1969 which was done under AS, UN, DUCTC and Indonesia scenario of politic and economy. So we are needing international lawyers media [ILWP] to search conflict resolution between Indonesia and West Papua. Many people of West Papua want referendum for their self determinations.

Finally, I urge all who concern for West Papua problem to not allow Indonesia’s bad provocation which are publish with the issue of terrorism or criminalist for all West Papua actions.

Port Numbay, West Papua 15th April 2009


Victor F. Yeimo




  1. Media Papua will need a degree of commitment for updating at least once a day, because if Media Papua want to have any chance of success, the key is fresh news.

  2. Bro salam perjuangan.
    I do really hope that we can now try and consider how to educate our people first. We have plenty of childreen (our next generation) who don’t go to school. how can they understand our fighting if in fact they don’t know how to read and write?
    Let’s try to give the feeling of prosperity first to our people. Let’s fight against corruption which is done by our own leaders and authorities. Let’s fight first injustice. Let’s educate first our peple.

    I Love Papua.

  3. Hy Bro if you KNPB Personil, we have a website
    this is KNPB website Link :
    and also http://freedom4westpapua.wordpress.

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