The Existence of Papua Separatist Support Group Abroad

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Rabu, 25 November 2009 09:26

Emmanuel Octavianus

We need to know that for the moment, Papua Separatist Movement ‘Free West Papua Campaign (FWPC)’ led by Benny Wenda and Richard Samuelson, actively mobilize the international forces in the UK. Looks like this organization actively campaigning for the independence of Papua, by manipulating the facts to influence international opinion, in order to achieve support for its struggle to separate Papua from the Republic of Indonesia.

Indonesian society knows that the Papuan situation today, compared to 15 years ago has started to improve, even more so since the era of reform emerged, and dignity, the dignity of society are protected, then the society free from fear and discrimination.

In order to succeed in Papua Special Autonomy program, the main thing needed is a system of government dibenahai in Papua. This must be done, because it must be adjusted with the breath of Autonomy Act specifically, in order to improve public services in Papua.

In the meantime, do with a group of Papuan independence supporters outside the country, which until now often maneuver, as happened in England with sponsored by the ‘Free West Papua Campaign’ or (FWPC). Maneuver is a major threat to the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). FWPC separatist movement active campaigning and mobilizing an international force for the independence of Papua, to discredit the Government of Indonesia.

The aim of the Papuan separatist movement abroad is, to gain political support from the local state, which then are directed to the international world, in order to achieve its goal to separate Papua from the Republic of Indonesia or to self-determination (Self Determination). All efforts are made is as a way to provoke the UN response.

Source :, Komunitas Papua


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