Tribal violence stops in Timika

The Jakarta Post

Wednesday, January 7, 2010

Markus Makur, The Jakarta Post, Timika, Papua

A tribal clash that began Monday in Kwamki Lama village in Timika, Papua, has begun to stop on Wednesday as police intervene the fight, deploying dozens of personnel.

Local police parked an armed vehicle between two fighting village. Through a loud speaker, the police also call for the fighting to stop and group elders to meet with Mimika regency police chief.

Local residents have began their normal activities in the are The clash began on Monday afternoon, killing a man and injured many others.

Deputy Mimika Police chief Comr. Jeremias Rontini said Monday the conflict erupted due to an unpaid compensation demanded by the downstream village for a rape that was allegedly committed by a man from the upstream village.

Clashes between groups are rampant in Mimika, home to one of the world’s richest gold mines. A protracted conflict killed 18 people in 2006. Another conflict between groups in Kwamki Lama claimed eight lives in 2007.


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